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  • Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre
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Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra
Experience the harmony of modern melodies with Korean spirits and thrill beyond creation.
Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra has been putting enormous efforts in creative succession to Korean traditional music and promotion of creative music. It has played an important role in Korean music circle.
Established as the nation's first traditional music orchestra in 1965, Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra has devoted itself to succession to traditional music and met the audience with a new creative music every time.
As a world leader leading the future orchestral music, it has developed a modern orchestral music based on traditional music and introduced it to the general public to take the lead in modernization and popularization of modern music while making diverse tries with other genres and forecasting a new evolution of traditional music through the fusion work of light, color, video and technology
Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre
Dance theatre cherished by citizens.
Art reflects contemplation and the spiritual world of this age. It also gives society a direction to the future.
Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre established in 1974 has been the cradle of Korean creative dance for the past 40 years to lead the Korean dance.
In addition, it has contributed to introducing Korea's outstanding traditional culture to the world while recently to the development of local performing culture by securing excellent repertoire through activity of creation and linked performance.
A dance theatre moving towards future dreams and hopes, Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre will be reborn as a world's best dance corps based on our culture through artistic activities closer to the general public.
Seoul Metropolitan Chorus
A touching harmony of a wide range of repertoire, beautiful sound and five senses
Pursue professionalism and artistry of choral music, Happiness helper through chorus. A leader of chorus art movement, Seoul Metropolitan Chorus dreams of being a luxury chorus city.
Seoul Metropolitan Chorus, established as Seoul Municipal Chorus in 1978, started with opera Bat (performed with invited Vienna Opera), a performance to mark the opening of Sejong Center, and the 1st regular concert with Brahms Liebeslieder. It boasts of abundant tune and a variety of repertoire by holding the 134th regular concert along with diverse planned performances amounting to some 50 times on a yearly basis. In particular, it appeared in even 50 operas including Nabucco, its premiere in Korea with Seoul Metropolitan Opera in 1986 and La Gioconda as well as in the world's top operas such as Andrea Chenier, Vienna Opera, La Scala to showcase its ability as a chorus specializing in opera.
It has been the cradle of chorus art in Korea by playing creative and orchestral great works at Seoul Music Festival, Korea International Music Festival, Sejong Center, National Theater of Korea, Seoul Arts Center, opening concert, New Year's concert, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and others, and since its establishment it has played the role of a cultural and diplomacy envoy by performing about 2,000 times and operas in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Swiss, Japan, China and others, and international art festivals. Specially in 2013, it presented the amazement of Korean chorus by participating in Saarland International Music Festival and a concert to celebrate the 130th anniversary concert of Korea-Germany diplomatic ties.
Further, it has exerted itself to citizens' emotional cultivation and cultural promotion to provide them with diverse programs such as performance for citizens, a music tour to community center and school, chorus for youth, vocal school and conductor academy. Additionally, singing~ national chorus movement beginning in 2012 creates a sensation by holding a large scale concert with citizens' chorus. Singing carol (2012), singing folk song (2013), singing Korean art song(2014) Following Choi Hong-ki, Park Chang-hoon, Na Young-su, Choi Byeong-chul, Kim Su-woong, Baek Hyo-juk, Yeom Jin-seop, Oh Se-jong, currently Kim Myeong-yeop serves as chief and conductor in residence.
Seoul Metropolitan Musical Theatre
Musical theater breathing with the audience.
We will make more efforts to take a firm position of being a musical theater breathing with the audience while changing and developing traditional culture into modern stage art.
The first musical theater in Korea established in 1961. Seoul Metropolitan Musical Theater is a professional musical group with the longest history and tradition in the history of Korean musical. It has contributed a lot in finding creative plays to open a new horizon of creative musicals in Korea. It has performed international musicals equipped with artistic and quality to introduce international culture in advance.
In addition, it brings dream and hope to children by producing children's musical and in every summer provides an opportunity of presenting a high dignified culture with cheap admission fee for the audience on an outdoor stages getting out of a theater stage.
Seoul Metropolitan Music Theater heralding actively the excellence of our traditional culture in musical while continuing to making efforts for a stage art full of Korean romantism and humor was a front runner of Korean musical in early days and took the lead in the development of Korean musical by selecting talented members and training and discharging them as a musical actor. It won the award for best picture, best direction, best dance, best art, best supporting actor, best music, best new actress at Korea Musical Awards (98), the nation's only musical award. With 50 years of history, Seoul Metropolitan Musical Theater will make more efforts to take a firm position of being a musical theater breathing with the audience while changing and developing traditional culture into modern stage art.
Seoul Metropolitan Theatre
A pivotal theater representing Korean play of our time
A theater with serious worry and self-reflection of this time It will play a pivotal role of representing Korean play of our time by working on passionate and fresh play.
Seoul Metropolitan Theater facing the 15th anniversary of its foundation took the first step amid expectations of theatrical people and culture circle in 1997.
As one of affiliated organizations with Sejong Center, it has dedicated itself to delivering verified works to citizens in a more friendly way, and it is being operated in a form of production differentiated from other public organizations. In addition, the theater is presenting high quality repertories to the audience through a variety of challenges and approaches while materializing performing art subjects based on artistic, public, and popular aspects.
Seoul Metropolitan Opera
Established the base of Korean opera.
If there is no communication with the audience regardless of foreign works or creative ones, it is meaningless. The base of the opera organization will be put on service for citizens.
Seoul Metropolitan Opera was founded in February 1985 with its first performance of Giordano Andrea Chenier. In 1988, it premiered The Wedding Day entrusted to opera virtuoso Menotti, a work to celebrate the eve of 1988 Seoul Olympics, and performed aida in the same year to show off its capability at home and abroad.
In addition, it has devoted itself to performing creative operas such as Chunhyangjeon (composed by Park Jun-sang) in 1986, Chunhyangjeon (composed by Jang Il-nam) in 1995, Simcheong (composed by Kim Dong-jin) in 2000, Hamel and Sanhong (composed by F. Mouse) in 2004 and others while taken interest in unfamiliar works such as Ponchielli La Gioconda, Cilea Adriana Lecouvreur and Cimarosa Clandestine Marriage to comply with the role as a municipal opera. It had also planned G. Verdi Big 5 to satisfy the audience and developed new opera lovers.
It is thought that the ability of Korean opera singers and opera production already reaches to the world class. Based on such capability, it performed <La Traviata> at Verdi Theater, one of Italy's top four theaters, to bring about all sold out and standing ovation. Seoul Metropolitan Opera will provide more stages to our singers while making a creative opera loved by citizens to make a world class opera.
Seoul Metropolitan Youth Orchestra
The passionate harmony of young musicians, youth orchestra representing Korea
Seoul Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, suitable for the dynamic sound and unequaled position
Seoul Metropolitan Youth Orchestra is composed of members selected through a strict audition to make up of 120 persons for 4 sections. The orchestra started out as Seoul Municipal Junior Philharmonic Orchestra in 1984 with members comprised of middle and high school students outstanding in music, changed the title to Seoul Metropolitan Youth Philharmonic Orchestra in 1994 to lay the foundation of orchestra by selecting a number of university students and to Seoul Metropolitan Youth Orchestra in 2007 to bring about talented young musicians who will lead the future music of Korea.
Starting from the 1987 Hawaii invitation concert that was prepared to celebrate 1988 Seoul Olympics, the 1991 invitation recital on the 10th anniversary of Carnegie Hall in New York, a tour concert in three Japanese cities invited by the Japanese government, a concert in Japan in 1996, Sunyang invitation concert to celebrate 2008 Beijing Olympics and others drew attention from New York Times and several presses of Japan and China.
In 2003, through exchange of music with Doho Music Institute of Japan, it presented an opportunity of meeting culture between Korea and Japan for showing mutual abilities of young musicians of each country.Performing more than 20 classical music on a annual basis, Seoul Metropolitan Youth Orchestra improves artistic ability and adds musical understanding to take the position of youth orchestra representing Korea. About 1,000 members discharged until now are making themselves distinguished in and out of the country and highly involved in philharmonic orchestra as main performers. With passion and spirit of young musicians loving classical music plus differentiated planning and operation, Seoul Metropolitan Youth Orchestra is taking a step forward.
Seoul Metropolitan Junior Chorus
Tasty songs, bright smiles and happy minds.
Seoul Metropolitan Junior Chorus boasting of more than 50 years of history and tradition is a youth art organization under the influence of Sejong Center to devote itself to fostering and purifying emotions of Seoul citizens through music.
Seoul Metropolitan Junior Chorus, established under the name of 'Seoul Municipal Children's Chorus in 1964, faces the 52nd anniversary of its establishment. With the slogan 'Tasty songs, bright smiles and happy minds', it has played the role of a cultural envoy to sing with angel's voice for the past 50 years, and it has given a variety of impressions to children and adults with European choruses, folk songs and children's songs from all around the world.
The career of Seoul Metropolitan Junior Chorus can be called the history of Korea Junior Chorus. It has held so far about 1,000 concerts including 160 regular concerts(as of December 2015), 500 invitation concerts, 150 broadcastings, 220 anniversary event concerts, 10 recordings, 100 opera performances and 60 overseas concerts. Especially in 1972, it had concerts in Japan, the USA and Europe, introducing distinctive Korean music mixed with an international musical sense to international audience. The concerts were successful and the audience appreciated its music.
Seoul Metropolitan Junior Chorus has a wide variety of repertoire ranging from classical and contemporary chorus to Missa Solemnis and children's songs all around the world, In particular, it gained attention by playing a full-length Messiah and a coronation mass. Recently, it has obtained a five-year consecutive favorable response by presenting the creative opera Prince and the Christmas to show a new direction of children's chorus and take the lead in the supply and development of children's music.
It prepares the below for regular performances. Thank you for your interest and encouragement. May 24 (Wednesday) ~ 25 (Thursday) <Singing Traditional Children's Songs with 100 Years of History>August 12 (Friday) ~ 13 (Saturday) <Summer Vacation in Grandmother's House>December 23 (Friday) ~ 24 (Saturday) <Prince and the Christmas>
Seoul Metropolitan Youth Traditional Music Orchestra
Make the dream and future of traditional music.
As a leading role of opening a new music through a wide range of musical activities, Seoul Metropolitan Youth Traditional Music Ensemble will make itself distinguished in Seoul, the nation and the world.
Creating a new music with creative emotions and challenging spirits of young musicians, Seoul Metropolitan Youth Traditional Music Ensemble is composed of young players aged less than 30 majoring in traditional music under the value of making the future of the most modern and international Korean music based on traditional music.
In 2005, the first year of establishment, it successfully completed the performance to mark the 10th anniversary of sisterhood relationship between Seoul and Mongolia and got a high acclaim at the concert of 'Seoul's Day' opened in Hungary and Czech in 2009 to spread outstanding music and culture of South Korea to the eastern Europe.
In 2010, it was invited to 'Seoul's Day', one of Shanhai EXPO events, and an Istanbul culture exchange event to inform the attraction and beauty of traditional music to the fullest. In addition, it has exerted itself to giving an opportunity of appreciating a high-level culture to the general public through a total of 160 performances including 41 regular ones. In 2014, it won the award for best performance with "Dreaming Sejong" at Creative Traditional Music Awards' to be recognized for its performance ability. Seoul Metropolitan Youth Traditional Music Ensemble, united with passion to our traditional music, is willing to make a warm music to touch emotions of people living in the world based on Korean traditional music. With such dream and pride, it devotes itself to being the best performance organization.