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Parking at SEJONG

Convenient Facilities

Handicap Guide

  1. 01 Ticket discount

    50% discount for the handicapped and one's company for all the programs in the Sejong Center. Please bring your disabled certificate and come directly the ticket booth or Info shop in the Sejong Center.

  2. 02 Convenient facilities for the visually handicapped

    The braille map is in the entrance of the Grand Theater for the visually handicapped to use each facilities of the Sejong Center. Also a Braille block is facilitated in the passage between the Grand and Small Theater for convenience.

  3. 03 Wheelchair exclusive seats of the Grand and Small Theater

    Wheelchair exclusive seats are prepared in the Grand and Small Theater of the Sejong Center; the Grand Theater: Number 217-221 seats in B line and 217-221 in D line on the first floor, 84-88 in A line and 84-88 in G line on the second floor (total 20 Seats)/ the Small Theater: Number 51-55 seats in line 3 (total 5 seats) on the first floor.

  4. 04 Parking lots fot the handicapped

    The handicapped parking space is prepared on the ground parking lot in the back of the Sejong Center. It is allowed to park maximum 3 cars and will be guided in the entrance.

  5. 05 Wheelchair lifting facilities and movable lift

    The Wheelchair lifts are facilitated on the first and second floor on the Grand Theater and Deck plaza, and the entrance of the Small Theater so that wheelchair users can enter the theater comfortably. Especially, when using stairs, it is much easier to move with a wheelchair movable lift.

  6. 06 Elevator Use

    The elevators for the handicapped is prepared on the right and left side of the Grand Theater of the Sejong Center. Also, the handicapped can move around the Museum of Fine Art, the Sejong Hall, the New Exhibition Hall of the Museum of Fine Art, and the Small Theater with elevators freely. (Detailed information is provided in the information center in the Sejong Hall lobby.)