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Guidance of parking
General parking fee 300 won per 5 minutes
Guidance of
parking ticket
Object for discount Issuance of discount ticket
Show visitor
  • 4,000 won for 4-hour ticket
Exhibition visitor (Limited to charged ticket for exhibition), Academy students
  • 2,000 won for 2-hour ticket
Visitor to Yein Hall, Sejong Hall, Gwangwhamun Artee, other visitors of rental companies, performance-related staff
  • 2,000 won for 2-hour ticket/ 4,000 won for 4-hour ticket
    (Only for parking discount ticket holders, prior settlement or settlement for taking the car out
Performance · exhibition-related staff
  • 15,000 won (Use after prior purchase) for 24-hour ticket (00:00~ 24:00)
적용 Application of discount rat
  • 80% discount for the disabled (Welfare card holder)
  • 80% discount for disabled patriots and veterans (The military and the police who retired after being wounded in battle or in duty, the military and the police who retired after being wounded in official duty, public servants who retired after being wounded in official duty, those who were wounded in carrying out special duty, the military and the police who were wounded again, public servants who were wounded again, those who suffer from defoliant after entering the war, the April 19 revolution wounded, the May 18 democratic movement wounded, the June 18 Freedom wounded, the wounded who contributed to national society development specially) (Holder of a certificate issued by the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs or local government)
  • 50% discount for multiple children card holder of over 3 children, 30% discount for those with two children
  • 50% discount for compact cars or cars with low emission (Cars with the certificate of low emission issued by gu office) (Auto discount for manless fare settlement machine)
※ Use for manned fare settlement after holding the certificate qualified for relevant discount
Other matters
  • Parking discount fare is applied to visitors using Sejongro Public Parking Lot.
  • Visitors holding a discount ticket are required to finish settlement at the manless settlement machine in advance.
  • As duplicated discount is not allowed, you should select the most preferable parking fee settlement method.
  • You can avoid additional charge in case of taking the car out within 15 minutes after settlement. Additional charge is 300 won per 5 minutes. (Discount hour is calculated after the car entrance for the hour-based discount ticket.)