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Symbol Mark

Regulations for Minimum Size of Corporate Symbol AI DOWNLOAD jpg DOWNLOAD

The English initial 'S' and 'C' are connected as a smooth curve and is symbolized.

The harmony between classics and modern art.
It also gives soft expression of the artistry as a cultural art space
and the diversity as an integrated cultural space.

The symbol is the essential element of the Sejong Corporate branding, used in every media to represent the Sejong Corporate and
takes a very important role to transmit the corporate image. Therefore, it has to keep the form and colors as maximum as possible.
The minimum size regulation for the corporate symbol is determined considering the reproduction of the symbol and prohibited to use
the smaller one than the regulated minimum size.

Symbol Mark Grid

Regulations for Minimum Size of Corporate Symbol

The symbol mark is the essential element representing the Sejong Center. To prevent modification in the use of the symbol mark, the original form stored in the manual CD-Rom should be used with enlarging or reducing direct proportionally and prohibited changing voluntarily.
However, when impossible to print the bigger size or print itself, it has to be drawn on the suggested symbol mark rid scale accurately.


The logo type is an essential element to transmit the image of the Sejong Center with the symbol mark. The logotype is adjusted according to the font type proportionally; therefore, the form, thickness, proportion, and space for letters are not allowed to modify voluntarily. The reproduction of the logotype should be reproduced or used through the general printing method or the computer printing method.
However, when both methods are impossible, that is when specially enlarging the size and produce it, it has to be drawn on the suggested grid scale accurately.

Korean Logo Type Basic Form 서울특별시
세종문화회관 Chinese Logo Type Basic Form 서울특별시
世宗文化會館 English Logo Type Basic Form SEJONG CENTER SEJONG CENTER English Logo Type Conjugated Form SEJONG

Art Groups Logo Type

Art Groups Logo Type AI DOWNLOAD jpg DOWNLOAD

Theaters Logo Type

Theaters Logo Type AI DOWNLOAD jpg DOWNLOAD


The signature combination is the mixture of the symbol mark and logo in the right and left, up and down under the consistend standed. The basic mark is the symbol mark and the logo is the element to express the brand name clearly.
The most appropriate one should be selected among sinatures suggested considening applicatble space layout according to the applicable media. It is strictly prohibited to use the symbol mark solely or adjust the layout of the symbol mark and logo voluntarily.
To prevent modifications, the original form stored in the CE-Rom should be used to enlarge and reduce proporionally.


Using separate colors for the exclusive colors is a rule but it is allowed to use 4 colors according to the applicable media. That is, it is obliged to examine the printing method, the use of ink, the quality of paper, to keep the standard colors determined by the manual, and to keep the most appropriate colors in case of the color reproduction on a special material.

  • Main Color
    PANTONE 262C	C50 + M100 + K40 PANTONE 4655C	M20 + Y40 + K18 PANTONE 159C	C65 + Y100 + K10
  • Sub Color
    PANTONE 872C	C50 + M100 + K40 PANTONE 877C	C65 + Y100 + K10
  • Sub Color
    SLC 243 SLC 243 80%


The authorized font of the Sejong Center is assigned to harmony with the brand logo for expressing the consistent identity
and can be chosen depending on the character content of the media.
If it is applicable to all media, it makes a rule to use the assigned font but it is allowed to use another font depinding on the characteristics of the media and applicable conditions.