Established by Seoul Metropolitan City,

SEJONG CENTER is Korea’s representative institution of culture and art.

Mecca of Seoul since 1978 Sejong Center is the cradle of Korea’s performing culture, at the sam time, it is the cultural Mecca of Seoul.

sejong center front

  • 2015.04.06Sejong Museum of Art reopens
  • 2012.12.01Sejong Arts Group Building expanded
  • 2011.01.15The artistic eating space, Gwanghwamun Artee created
  • 2010.04.28The Story of Admiral Yi sunshin opened
  • 2009.10.17The Northern Seoul Dream Forest Art Center opened
  • 2009.10.09The Story of King Sejong opened
  • 2007.12.01Sejong M Theater opened
  • 2007.06.19Sejong Arts Academy opened
  • 2007.03.31Sejong Art Garden opened
  • 2006.08.14Sejong Chamber Hall opened
  • 2004.03.02Remodeling of the Sejong Center Grand Theater
1930 ~ 1990
  • 1934.07.03Commencement of construction of the Bumin Center
  • 1935.12.10Construction of the Bumin Center completed
  • 1956.06.20Commencement of construction of the Unam Center
  • 1960.08.11Unam Center renamed at Community Center
  • 1961.10.31Construction of the Unam Center completed
  • 1961.11.07Opening of the community Center
  • 1974.01.01Commencement of construction of the Sajong Center
  • 1978.04.14Center completed and opened
  • 1978.07.01Extension of the Sejong Center
  • 1999.07.01Sejong Center opened as a juridical foundatio