Sejong Center established by Seoul Metropolitan Government is a Seoul's representing culture and arts institution
Built in 1978 and reborn as a foundation in 1999, it has been dubbed the cradle of Korean performance culture and played an important role as a hub for Seoul's performance culture and arts.

Started with Unam Hall in 1961, Sejong Center opened on April 14, 1978 in succession to Citizens' Hall which was destructed by fire.Sejong Center was the gateway of Korean performing art and only way of international performing art as one of the world’s best performance stages. In 1970s ~1980s, the center had been the cradle of Korean pure art.

As a live history of Korean performing art and a space of memory for art-loving people as well as a culture and art institute representing Korea, Sejong Center which has maintained its reputation for the past 20 years started as a form of foundation in 1999 to take an another leap toward the 21st century.

sejong center front

The launch of Sejong Center was a sign of activation of private culture and art emphasized by creativity and self-reliance and at the same time the first step toward the globalization of Korean culture and arts.

Since then, it has exerted itself to being a hub in developing culture and arts of Seoul such as remodeling of Seoul Grand Theater, extension of Sejong Chamber Hall, Sejong M Theater and art buildings, linked performance along with reorganization of hardware such as Sejong Museum of Art, Sejong Festival. Sejong Center will be always with Seoul citizens as a space of creativity and presentation for cultural artists and a complex space to give beauty and pride to the general public who love culture.