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Ticket booking

Visiting booking

Please visit Service Plaza on the main stairway of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

  • Service Plaza
    Telephone 02) 399-1000
    Operating hours All year around, 09:00~20:00
    - Providing information on performance
    - Ticket booking and inquiry
    - Receiving booked tickets

Onsite ticket

It is available to purchase tickets at the ticket offices of Sejong Grand Theater/ M Theater/ Chamber Hall.
(Operating hours: 1 hour 30 minutes before the beginning of performance - 30 minutes after the beginningof
performance/1 hour 30 minutes before the beginning of performance - termination of intermission)
- Ticket purchasing and providing information on performance
- Inquiry and confirmation on booking


Sejong Culture Ticket 02-399-1000
Infoshop (Interpark) 02-399-1114~6(1544-1555) (Operating hours: All year around, 09:00~20:00)
- Providing information on performance
- Ticket booking and inquiry
- Inquiry on cancellation


Sejong Center website / interpark website
- It is available to join the membership of the homepage as a foreigner member before
pushing the 'booking' button.
* Mobile or I-PIN verification is necessary for the membership.
- Guide to booking at booking site
Guide to booking and Cancellation

1. Payment

Credit card / Cash / Virtual account (Possible to purchase four days before performance date,
automatical cancellation for being unpaid until 23:59 next day)

2. Booking

Sejong Center homepage - Available to confirm at my page.

3. Ticket

- The cancellation of ticket is available only one day until 17:00 before performance.
(Impossible to cancel after the time limit)
- Direct cancellation/ exchange for the booking through Sejong Center website and phone,or call
02-399-1000 for cancellation/ exchange. (Operating hours of call center: All year around, 09:00 ~20:00)
- For prior received tickets, bring a real ticket to make a direct visit to Service Plaza
for cancellation/ exchange. (Operating hours of Service Plaza: All year around, 09:00 ~ 20:00)
- Repayment on cancellation will be repaid to payment methods used for payment, and
in case of credit card and virtual account, it takes 3 to 7 days.

4. Commission
fees on

- The commission fees is not charged 10 days before performance.
- 10% of ticket price is charged 1 to 9 days until 17:00 before performance.
- Cancellation and exchange are impossible on the day of performance.

5. Ticket

- Prior visiting receiving: It is available at Serive Plaza on the main stairway.
- Onsite booking office: It is available at onsite booking office of
Grand Theater/ M Theater/ Chamber Hall from 1 hour and 30 minutes before performance.

6. Other

- Lost tickets won't be reissued.