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Seoul Metropolitan Musical Theatre `Gwanghwamun Yeonga`


Seoul Metropolitan Musical Theater

Musical Gwanghwamun Love Song

In the time when healing and comfort are needed, masterpieces to touch our hearts are introduced. 

Musical Love Song> deals with an unfulfilled love of Myeong Woo on the eve of death, which is sung through narration of old man Wolha.

Specially, 26 masterpieces of late composer Lee Young-hoon are to be presented with poetic lyrics and melodies complying with their originals through the combination of playwright Ko Seon-woong and director Lee Ji-na.

Program Info

* Tickets of the performance on December 23 (Saturday) at 7:30pm were sold out due to the group buying of a company, and those on December 31 (Sunday) at 2:00pm were also sold out because of BC Card's 'Red Day Is BC' exclusive event. Please refer to it for booking. Thank you.

※ Musical <Gwanghwamun Yeonga> final ticket open
-Ticket opening date : November 14 (Tuesday), 2017 at 2:00pm
-Ticket opening period : January 2 (Tuesday), 2018 ~ January 14 (Sunday), 2018
* Casting schedule will be noticed via Sejong Center website, each booking site and CJ MUSICAL SNS channel on November 14 (Tuesday), 2017 at 11:00am.

Memory Summon Memory Payment Musical - Musical Gwanghwamun Yeonga
At that time, the song we remembered comes to be played at Gwanghwamun at the end of 2017. Our stories described by masterpieces to be remembered forever. The masterpiece of the late Lee Young-hoon, one of Korea's representing composers, who has been loved by people beyond generation. The star-studded lineup to present the best movement. The middle-aged Myeong Woo presented by Ahn Jae-wook, Lee Geon-myung and Lee Kyung-joon equipped with verified acting skills and explosive singing ability, Wool Ha presented by Jeong Seong-hwa and Cha Ji-yeon, the eye-catching double cast expected by everyone, the casting of talented actors of Seoul Metropolitan Musical Theatre deemed the core of Korea creative musical, including Heo Do-young, Kim Seong-gyu, Park Kang-hyun, Hong Eun-joo and Linji to fascinate the audience with an appealing voice and an in-depth performance.

The brightest production team in 2017. The Devil, In The Heights and Seopyeojae which are the best harmony to be made by producer Lee Ji-na and scripter Koh Seon-woong. The best producer of the time Lee Ji-na who presents a new interpretation with her own color, the scripter fascinating the audience crossing over The Orphan of Zhao, Werther, arirang play and musical Koh Seong-woong, musical director Kim Seong-su who shakes hearts of the audience with Jesus Christ Superstar and Gone Tomorrow. 

One minute before death which everyone would think about at least once. A story about looking for memories and a true love. In 2017, a middle-aged man Myeong Woo is placed in critical situation before death when the god in charge of ties Wool Ha happens to appear in front of him and guides him to the journey to past memories. First of all, Wool Ha brought Myung Woo to the memory where he first met Su Ah at a drawing contest held in Deongsugung Palace in spring 1984 and fell in love with her. She was smart and cheerful. She entered college before him. He witnesses the scene of her participating in demonstration but suffers from a sense of guilt that he can't protect her during the police suppression and they gradually grow apart from each other. Myung Woo travels to his memories with Wool Ha to encounter regrets in his early days and an empty house in his memory. Myeong Woo standing before death goes for a journey to find out main characters of the empty house in his memory and truth...


Period 2017.12.15 (Fri) ~ 2018.01.14 (Sun)
Place Sejong Grand Theater
Time Weekdays at 8:00pm / Sat at 3:00pm, 7:30pm
Sun, Holiday at 2:00pm, 6:30pm
*Dec 20 Wed 2017 8:00pm
No performance on Dec 18, Dec 26, 2017, Jan 8, 2018
Inquiries 02-399-1000
Age Over the age of 7
Ticket VIP seats, 140,000 won
R seats, 110,000 won
S seats, 90,000 won
A seats, 70,000 won
B seats, 40,000 won
Discount Discounts for Sejong paying members (40% for Premium, 35% for Gold)
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