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Seoul Metropolitan Theatre - Creative play ‘Why is the pepper at the rooftop garden’


Seoul Metropolitan Theater

Creative Play  Why is the pepper at the rooftop garden (Ethics Vs. Morals)

 The pepper at the rooftop garden upsets our minds.

A villa at a district of Seoul. On the rooftop of the 20-year-old villa, some person

planted peppers this year again. Old lady Gwang Ja living at the villa 304. The lady

living at 201 picked them out. It seems weird from the aspect of the volume of

peppers as it is too much to be greedy for taking them. What happens? People

living at the villa speak out their thoughts. Among them, Hyun Tae living at 301

thinks that it’s not just a happening. From his point of view, it is related to the

reconstruction of the villa, his own common thing disappeared, still stuffy reality

with the new government, and further getting even worse atmosphere in the world.

His ridiculous opinions make both villa residents and his family members upset.


However, Dong Gyu at 303 struggles to prove it for some unaccountable reason...


Program Info



Period 2017.10.13 (Fri) ~ 2017.10.29 (Sun)
Place Sejong M Theater
Time Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri at 7:30pm
Sat at 2:00pm, 6:30pm
Sun at 2:00pm
No performance on Tuesday
Inquiries 02-399-1000
Age Over the age of 7
Ticket R 50,000
S 30,000
A 20,000
Discount Discounts for Sejong paying members (40% for Premium, 35% for Gold)
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