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Creative play ‘Red Pepper on the Rooftop Field’


Diverse spaces, one story linking them, and their fragments

‘Our minds are shaken up due to red pepper on the rooftop field’

<Red Pepper on the Rooftop Field> shows that stories that might happen anywhere appear in a different and redundant way at each space of a villa, neighboring restaurant and cyber space without any spacial restriction. At the same time, lots of things happening these days seem to be speedy but they result in being tied up with a very tiny thing. Among links happening sporadically, a big lump, what is a problem hovering over us? Following changes in psychology from the view of characters such as individual and group, conscience and desire, and reality and ideal allows us to look into various kinds of human images giving a unique attraction.



Old woman Gwang Ja living in the villa 304 planted peppers on the rooftop field. However, Hyun Ja living in 201 picked all of them without the owner’s permission. Residents of the same villa speak out their opinions while Hyun Tae in 301 seems to consider it important. From his view, the recent happening is related to a discussion with reconstructing the villa, to his stolen device box, to stuffy reality even with the changed government, and further to worsening air in the world. His absurd opinions make the residents at a loss but one person, Dong Kyu in 304, he comes forward and struggles to prove it without any reason.


Program Info



Period 2018.04.12 (Thu) ~ 2018.04.22 (Sun)
Place Sejong M Theater
Time Time : Weekdays at 8:00pm
Saturday at 3:00pm, 7:00pm
Sunday at 3:00pm
(No closing day, April 14 (Saturday) at 7:00pm (Duration : 85 min. / No intermission)
Inquiries 02-399-1794
Age Over the age of 13
Ticket R 50,000
S 30,000
A 20,000
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