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2018 Sejong Chamber Series ‘My Secret FLUTE Diary’ I


A beautiful space where chamber music is completed,

Authentic classic series representing Sejong Chamber Hall

2018 Sejong Chamber Series

<MY SECRET FLUTE DIARY> comes to visit the audience.

Sejong Chamber Series is an annual project carried out at the chamber music exclusive hall Sejong Chamber Hall to present chamber music with a variety of composition four times a year by selecting an artist-in-residence every year.

Following cellist Yang Seong-won in 2015, maestro Lim Heon-jeong in 2016, pianist Kim Jeong-won in 2017, the winner this year is the nation’s best flutist Choi Na-kyung selected by one of top ten flutists of UK Sinfini Music.

2018 Sejong Chamber Series present beautiful flute melodies of Choi Na-kyung under the subtitle of <My Secret FLUTE Diary> with a variety of composition of harp, viola, guitar and orchestra.

It is noticeable that the best artists at home and abroad will appear at the stage with flutist Choi Na-kyung. You can encounter the world’s best harpist Jana Bouskova’s debut in Korea as well as excellent artists such as violist Lee Han-na, pianist Hugh Sung, guitarist Park Kyu-hee and Korean Chamber Orchestra.


2018 the year to mark the 40th anniversary of the opening of Sejong Center

More in-depth and matured Sejong Chamber Series 2018

Let’s appreciate all about flute at <MY SECRET FLUTE DIARY>.


Program Info



Period 2018.04.28 (Sat) ~ 2018.04.28 (Sat)
Place Sejong Chamber Hall
Time at 5pm
Inquiries 02)399-1611
Age Over the age of 7
Ticket R 50,000
S 40,000
Discount Discounts for Sejong paying members (40% for Premium, 35% for Gold)
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