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2018 Ensemble Matinee 'Mozart season 2' II


All tickets sold out in 2017! Ensemble Matinee Mozart Season II comes again

Austria’s genius composer Mozart who was called a child music prodigy. Let’s appreciate four-time series composed of Mozart’s concerto, symphony, chamber and others to be played by Seoul Metropolitan Youth Orchestra consisting of young classical music talented artists.

A time to find out the life and music of Mozart!

A performance to clearly appreciate the life and music of the composer under the explanation of Prof. Jeong Kyeong-young. The essence of classical music, the genius composer Mozart is introduced. Let’s enjoy the delicate melodies of Mozart through a small-sized ensemble making the most of Sejong Center’s strength of being close to audience seats.


* Matinee originates from the French word matin meaning ‘the morning’ or ‘through the morning’. ‘Matinee Concert’ which is said to start from France in the 19th century began with holding the poetry reading ‘Matinee Potique’ at the day time when there was no performance in theater. Nowadays, it is called a performance held from the morning to the afternoon.



Explanation by Jeong Kyeong-young

Prof. Jeong Kyeong-young majored in musical theory at the Department of Composition of Seoul National University College of Music and obtained a Ph.D. in musicology at Seoul National University Graduate School and University of North Texas. Provided a musical explanation at KBS Concert Hall, Seoul Arts Center Academy and others, he earnestly started his career at a music curator in 2004 and appeared in classic related broadcasting as a panel to deliver a story about music and provided live broadcast. It is believed that the music curator plays the role of translating language called music and linking the touching of music delivered by a player. He translated <Grout’s A History of Western Music> (joint translation) and <From Handel to Hendrix>, and issued theses including “Lament or Form of Sadness” and “Reading Back the 2nd Writing Technique”, and currently serves as a professor of composition at Hanyang University College of Music. He has been much loved by classic lovers since he was in charge of explaining ‘Summer Classic’ and ‘Romantic Concert’ of Seoul Metropolitan Youth Orchestra in 2012.



Visiting conductor Yoon Seung-eop

Conductor Yoon Seung-eop graduated from Yonsei University College of Music and completed the conductor course Konzert examen from Weimar Music University. He got a prize at the 1st Jesus-Lopes Cobus International Conduction Competition and reached the final round of international conduction competitions including France Besancon, Italy Antonio Pedrotti, Germany Solti, Poland Fitelberg, Bulgaria Rozestvensky and Mexico Mata. Highly acclaimed for being equipped with all necessary stuffs from music virtuoso Kurt Masur, Yoon Seung-eop served as a conductor at Nuernberg Philharmonie, Leipzig Hochschulorchester, Jena Philharmonie, Loh-Sondershausen Orchestra, Weimar Hochschulorchester, Madrid Royal Theatre, etc., and returned home to work as a visiting conductor at KBS Philharmonic Orchestra, Busan Philharmonic Orchestra, Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra, Seongnam Philharmonic Orchestra, Cheongju Philharmonic Orchestra, Gunpo Prime Philharmony, Seoul Metropolitan Youth Orchestra and others, and a visiting professor at Sejong University and Seokyeong University, and a regular professor at Mokwon University. Currently he serves as a conductor-in-residence at Chungnam Philharmonic Orchestra.




Play by Seoul Metropolitan Youth Orchestra

Founded in 1984, Seoul Metropolitan Youth Orchestra consisting of musicians who study music at music college across the country shows a large-scale orchestral music such as the music of Shostakovich, R. Strauss, Bruckner and others and continues to make efforts to improve a musical ability through challenging modern works like those of Yoon Yi-sang. In order for young members in their 20s who were selected through a strict audition to be raised as outstanding orchestral resources, it has operated a summer music camp and a master class on a yearly basis while exerting itself to expanding the basis of classical music through holding a variety of performances such as chamber music ensemble, summer classic, great composer series, etc.


Program Info



Period 2018.06.16 (Sat) ~ 2018.06.16 (Sat)
Place Sejong Chamber Hall
Time at 1pm
Inquiries 02-399-1000
Age Over the age of 7
Ticket all 20,000won
Discount Discounts for Sejong paying members (40% for Premium, 35% for Gold)
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