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Musical ‘Bunjee Jumping of Their Own’


The most expected musical No.1 out of recreated ones in 2018!

No.1 musical out of want-to-see creative musicals in 2013, 2015 <Bunjee Jumping of Their Own>


In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the opening of Sejong Center

Returns with ‘2018-19 Sejong Season’ in five years!



Reborn as an emotional fantasy musical added with a story stimulating emotions verified by a film and lyrical and beautiful music!

Film <Bunjee Jumping of Their Own> leaving a big impression to be recreated 11 times by Fendreng was recognized by winning the award for best work at various kinds of film festivals and then reborn as a musical to present a special impression with music providing the memory of a vague first love and unique emotions beyond time and space.


The major work of composer Will Aronson, a rising star in the circle of performance, and songwriter Park Cheon-hue!

Musical <Bunjee Jumping of Their Own> was recognized as a well-made creative musical by winning the award for best music at the 18th Korean Musical Awards and the award for best composition and songwriting at the 7th Musical Awards. Further they have shown a fantastic combination to receive a fervent response from the audience in the country and their best work <Bunjee Jumping of Their Own> is prepared with in-depth emotions to greet the audience in five years .



She jumped not on umbrella but on my heart.

In the summer of 1983, love... began in such a way.

Tae Hee who dared to jump on the umbrella of In Hoo who didn’t believe love at first sight.

His heart is obsessed with everything about her such as black hair wet by rain, beautiful face and rudeness sayings.

As In Hoo flutters with thinking of her existence and considers stuffs she touch valuable, their love gets deeper. Even if they sometimes have a big fight as parting away forever, they soon yearn for each other when a small parting caused by his joining the army gets placed in front of them.


Meeting that person looking like her. It’s you... Tae Hee Isn’t It?

In the spring of 2000, the love continues.

In Hoo who lives a new life as a breadearner and a Korean teacher of a high school holding memories of love. However, a woman keeping her traces appears to In Hoo who never forgets Tae Hee.

The woman who also has a habit of folding a little finger like Tae Hee and a lighter inscribed with her face shakes his whole life like Tae Hee who jumped on his umbrella.


Program Info



Period 2018.06.12 (Tue) ~ 2018.08.26 (Sun)
Place Sejong M Theater
Time Weekday at 8pm
Sat at 3pm, 7pm
Sun, Holiday at 2pm, 6pm

※ 6.27(Wed), 7.04(Wed), 7.11(Wed), 8.22(Wed) at 3pm
Inquiries 02-399-1000
Age Over the age of 7
Ticket R 88,000
S 66,000
A 20,000
Discount Discounts for Sejong paying members (40% for Premium, 35% for Gold)
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