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Opera ‘Mozart & Salieri’ House Manager/ First the Music, Then the Words



Seoul Metropolitan Opera

Mozart & Salieri

Mozart <House Manager>

Salieri <First the Music, Then the Words>


Mozart & Salieri

Most people tend to think of film <Amadeus> when it comes to Mozart and Salieri. In the firm, Salieri drives Mozart into death due to the jealousy of Mozart’s genius. However, it is found out that the story is a groundless fiction. Seoul Metropolitan Opera is designed to present a new viewpoint to the audience by newly arranging a story to break down the fixed idea about both excellent composers Mozart and Salieri in September. In addition, arias will be done in German and Italian while lines be done in Korean to bring better understanding of the opera.


Mozart and Salieri, a win-win relationship, not a conflicting

The newly arranged <Mozart vs Salieri> shows that both of them appear in the opera where they are appointed as persons in charge of the opera competition, and then the story begins. In 1786 when an unknown tension and silence lie between them, and the two composers come to experience many unexpected things until they complete each work. Mozart and Salieri discuss about what is the best work and what is the best music to understand each other and finally recognize that they ‘cooperate’ with each other to leave the best work, not competition.



Introduction to the original

In 1786, at Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna, Emperor Joseph II ordered Mozart and Salieri to make an one-act opera with the subject of ‘vanity and satire of opera at that time’. Mozart composed German opera <House Manager> while Salieri Italian opera <First the Music, Then the Words>. Both works were introduced at a special stage at Schonbrunn Palace Orangery on a same day.


Mozart shows the state of theater at that time which pursues only interests, neglecting quality of work as well as vanity of singers who ask for a higher guarantee despite their overestimated abilities at <House Manager> while Salieri describes the situation that a composer suggests a scripter to make a small change in an already made work by arranging some lines to an angel’s unreasonable request of making a new opera in just four days. The scripter gets angry about it and there is some happening caused by female singers who visit to be prima donna.




Art and general director Lee Kyung-jae director Jang Young-ah conductor Ku Mo-young




Theater head (Bluff) _ Baritone Jeong Ji-cheol, Yeom Hyun-joon

Goldentrill/ Eleonora _ Soprano Oh Mee-seon, Park Eun-mee

Silverpeal/ Tonina _ Soprano Jeong Hye-wook, Jang Hye-ji

Angel _ Tenor Roh Kyung-beom, Ui Jeong-min

Salieri _ Baritone Daniel Oh (Oh Seung-ryong), Kim Jae-seop

Poet _ Baritone Song Hyung-min, Bass Park Kwang-woo


Played by Orchestra di PINI


Program Info



Period 2018.09.12 (Wed) ~ 2018.09.16 (Sun)
Place Sejong M Theater
Time weekday at 7:30pm
sat at 3pm, 7:30pm
sun at 5pm
Inquiries 02-399-1000
Age Over the age of 7
Ticket R 70,000
S 50,000
A 30,000
Discount Discounts for Sejong paying members (40% for Premium, 35% for Gold)
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