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2018 Sejong Chamber Series `My Secret FLUTE Diary` Ⅲ


A beautiful space where chamber music is completed,

Authentic classic series representing Sejong Chamber Hall

2018 Sejong Chamber Series

comes to visit the audience.

Sejong Chamber Series is an annual project carried out at the chamber music exclusive hall Sejong Chamber Hall to present chamber music with a variety of composition four times a year by selecting an artist-in-residence every year.

Following cellist Yang Seong-won in 2015, maestro Lim Heon-jeong in 2016, pianist Kim Jeong-won in 2017, the winner this year is the nation’s best flutist Choi Na-kyung selected by one of top ten flutists of UK Sinfini Music.

2018 Sejong Chamber Series present beautiful flute melodies of Choi Na-kyung under the subtitle of with a variety of composition of harp, viola, guitar and orchestra.

It is noticeable that the best artists at home and abroad will appear at the stage with flutist Choi Na-kyung. You can encounter the world’s best harpist Jana Bouskova’s debut in Korea as well as excellent artists such as violist Lee Han-na, pianist Hugh Sung, guitarist Park Kyu-hee and Korean Chamber Orchestra.


2018 the year to mark the 40th anniversary of the opening of Sejong Center

More in-depth and matured Sejong Chamber Series 2018

Let’s appreciate all about flute at .






This time, the pioneer of flute!

2018 musician-in-residence flutist Choi Na-kyung


Flutist Choi Na-kyung was put on the list of ‘top ten flutists’ selected by Britain’s famous classical music magazine Sinfini Music. She is in her golden days along with the late flute legend Marcelo Moez, Julius Baker, Jean-Pierre Rampal, James Galway and Emmanuel Pahud.


When Korean keyboard and string players were engaged in musical activities in the world, wind players were comparatively sluggish in activities. However Choi Na-kyung was appointed as chief of American major orchestra Cincinnati Symphony (music director Paavo Jarvi) and Europe’s major orchestra Vienna Symphony (music director Fabio Luisi) to change the paradigm of the world flute and open up a new possibility of Korean wind instrument circle.


Choi Na-kyung who thought that there wasn’t any border and barrier of genre in enjoying and delivering music has played together at a solo recital and served as a visiting chief of chamber music and orchestra in the world. She arranged violin music with flute one in order to expand her repertoire and sometimes give freshness to the audience through playing jazz and pop, and presenting an impromptu performance. Her performance video reaches to 4.3 million views in YouTube.


Choi Na-kyung graduated from Yewon School and received a high acclaim of “great sensation’ from flute master Julius Baker while studying at Seoul Arts High School to enter Curtis Institute of Music at the age of 16 with a full scholarship. Since then, she had studied for four years and become the last pupil of Julius Baker until his death. After graduation, she studied under the guidance of Jeffrey Khaner at Juilliard School and held an invitation masterclass at Curtis Institute of Music, Juilliard School, Colburn School, Manhattan School of Music, Indiana Stage University, University of Florida, Vienna National University of Music, Munich School of Music and others.




Guitar Park Kyu-hee

Accurate technique, focused performance, fine expressiveness

She is one of the best young guitarists of our time and a guitarist representing Korea. Park Kyu-hee, who had stood out on the international stage for a long time, has won nine international competitions including Alhambra Concourse. In particular, she was named the first female champion and Asia's first winner at the prestigious Belgian Prendang International Guitar Competition.


On October 18, 2012, she successfully completed her U.S. debut at Carnegie Hall in New York. As part of a concert for international competition winners, she received enthusiastic applause for playing Scarlatti's Sonata, Albeniz' Catalan Capriccio and Barius's Waltz.

Until now, a total of seven albums have been released. The debut album <Saenyo> released on the Fontek label in 2010 and <Sonata Noir> in 2012 were selected by critics as the best-selling album. As a full-time artist of Lennon, she has been highly engaged in musical activities such as <Spain Travel> in August 2012, <The Last Tremolo> in 2013, and <Saudade> in 2014. All of the released albums are selected on the special notes of the Japanese music magazine ‘Record Arts’, and shows high ticket sales in terms of a classical guitar album. In 2015, five years of best-recorded tracks and new footage. She is solidifying her position as an artist by introducing her best album, <Favoreie Selection>. which contains his own comments.


Program Info



Period 2018.10.27 (Sat) ~ 2018.10.27 (Sat)
Place Sejong Chamber Hall
Time at 5pm
Inquiries 02)399-1611
Age Over the age of 7
Ticket R 50,000
S 40,000
Discount Discounts for Sejong paying members (40% for Premium, 35% for Gold)
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