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Traditional Dance ‘Dongmu Dongrak’


A tale described in a traditional dance

Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre is slated to meet the audience with a story-telling dance drama based on Korean traditional dances as a regular performance in the second half of 2018.

<Summer Light Red Dano> performed in 2016 drew attention from the audience through the combination of traditional and yard dances by reproducing seasonal customs of Dano on the stage. This year, in a drama based on a new tale, we will also present a more exciting stage by combining dances learned from traditional dance masters.



Taepyeong Sungdae, Dongrae Hak Dance, Jinju Gyobanggutgeori Dance, Jinsoi Dance, etc., the essence of traditional dance, which contains the line and style of the former Korean traditional dance learned from dance masters such as Lee Sung-hoon, Bae Jeong-hye, Kook Soo-ho, Jeong Hye-yoon and others will be unfolded.

<Dongmu Dongrak> means 'dance and enjoy together' and has selected eight pieces that can express the essence and nature of traditional dance to enjoy the deep and rich gesture of traditional dance. With the Korean line and style, a total of eight performances of Taepyeong Sungdae, Hwaseonmu, Dongrae Hak Dance, Jinju Gyobanggutgeori Dance, Jinsoi Dance, Jindo Bok Dance and Janggo Dance will be on the stage. Yoo Kyung-hwa, who is a Korean National University of Arts professor and a Cheolhyungeum player, is in charge of a music director and adds musical depth and vivid performance of traditional music and further maximize the sense of the field to enhance the flavor of traditional dance.


Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre, the cradle of creative dance

Art reflects contemporary mental world and presents the direction of society. Founded in 1974 under the motto, Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre has been engaged in fierce creative work, constantly questioning the art group's social function and role. In numerous domestic and foreign performances over the past 40 years, you can read the signs of Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre's efforts. Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre, which has played a pivotal role in the Korean dance circle, has continuously shed light on the aesthetics of Korean traditional dance and creative and experimental dance, especially seeking out the 'advance and popularization of pure art'. Also invited to various international cultural and artistic festivals, it leaves a clear mark in the globalization of Korean dance. Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre will carry out its artistic activities one step closer to the general public with dreams and hopes for the future, and will become a global dance troupe rooted in Korean culture.




Program Info



Period 2018.10.24 (Wed) ~ 2018.10.25 (Thu)
Place Sejong M Theater
Time at 7:30pm
Inquiries 02-399-1766
Age Over the age of 7
Ticket R석 40,000원
S석 30,000원
A석 20,000원

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