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Creative Play ‘The Dog’


"No one knows when and why it did. All the air in the world has turned into water."


A new work co-produced by writer Kim Eun-seong and director Buv Saerom in two years, Seoul Metropolitan Theatre’s regular performance creative play <The Dog>


Kim Eun-seong, a writer who digs into contemporary stories, and director Bu Saerom, who has worked in <Sunshine Warriors>, <Ropungchan Travelling Theater>, <Moon Soap Opera> and others will meet the audience with a new work in cooperation with Seoul Metropolitan Theatre.


Our cry struggling to escape from misfortune

"How can I find you? Why don’t you come up and see me?”


Hae Il who lives lonely due to tic disorder, his father Sang Geun, a chauffeur working in the mansion, Jang Kang, chairman of a pharmaceutical company living in the mansion, and the Seon Young’s family who moves in the villa where Hae Il lives reflect contemporary lives.

This work leaves us with an assignment on how to live, as we are easily swayed by happiness and unhappiness, by describing the reality of being forced to make efforts in our life.




"It's okay, we're all abandoned dogs."

Hae Il, a middle school student who lives with his father, a chauffeur working in the mansion, accidentally meets an abandoned dog named Mustang to build a friendship, and draws a webtoon story of a pink dolphin to express his secret intention on the canvas. He comes to meet Seon Young’s family who moved upstairs and at the same time builds his dream of becoming a webtoon writer due to Seon Young who showed affection and comfort despite his tic order.

Hae Il then is in and out of the mansion to walk the Jang Gang's dog Boss, and something unexpected happens while Young Soo, Byeol Yi, Hae Il and Mustang fly the drone in the garden of the mansion during his father and Jang Gang’s absence.




Program Info



Period 2018.10.05 (Fri) ~ 2018.10.21 (Sun)
Place Sejong M Theater
Time Weekday at 8pm
Sat at 3pm, 7pm
Sun at 3pm
Inquiries 02-399-1794
Age Over the age of 13
Ticket R석 50,000원
S석 30,000원
A석 20,000원
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