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Grand Theater

Sejong Grand Theater
The Grand Theater is an international-level performing hall equipped with high-tech musical facilities.
It has three floors equipped with 3,022 seats. In the first and second floors, LCD monitors are set up for the first time in Korea, providing subtitles and other video showcases.
The theater is equipped with the state-of-the-art stereo system spreading even subtle sound evenly to all seats in the theater.
There are total 102 battens which help moving the stage more efficiently and quickly. This is a international-level multi-purpose hall excellent for not only classical performance but also other genres.

Statue of Bi-cheon
The Statue of Bi-cheon on the right and left walls of the front of the grand theater is an embossed sculpture made by a sculptor, Kim Young-joong for fifteen months. Exhibited to the public with the opening of the Sejong Center, this sculpture of total height 11m, width 6.75m, thickness 45cm is completed attached 324 granite pieces of 90cm×70cm or 70cm×45cm. The Statue Bi-cheon is evaluated as the well-fitted art work since the Sejong center also was designed based on the modernization of classics.

Pipe organ
It was produced for a year at Karl Suske in 1978, and the overall case was designed after the Korean traditional music instrument Geomungo, and the Spanish trumpet pipe located at the upper center was based on the traditional architectural style Chuneo. In addition, a Buddhist bell was installed at the organ to bring Korean sound. It consists of 98 tunes and 8,098 pipes with 6-step manuel (keyboard) and pedal based keyboard that at the time of opening it was the Asia's biggest instrument, and currently it has been handed down as a world class instrument.

Sejong Library
The library which has collected historical traces of Sejong Center is placed on the 3rd floor of Sejong Grand Theater. It accumulates and store materials in relation to performance and exhibition of Sejong Center, and opens to the general public on Monday and Thursday.