Experience Program

Permanent Experience Program

01 Experience Program
experience of writing brush `write your name in hangeul(korean alphabet)`
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Period Permanent
Time 11:00~18:00
Subject Foreigners
Place Next to the Experience Zone
Experience fee : free

How to apply: First come first serve
- An experience program in which foreign visitors learn how to write their names in Korean calligraphy on a piece of rice paper.
- Visitors will keep one copy to take home and exhibit another copy on the wall of the exhibition hall.

본인의 이름을 한글로 직접 써보고, 붓글씨 쓰는 법도 배워보는 즐거운 시간 보내시길 바랍니다. If you join in our program, you will learn how to use a writing brush and write your name in Hangeull Korean Alphabet). Have a great time! 외국인 한글 체험 '한글로 이름쓰기’ Experience of writing brush 'write your name in hangeul (Korean alphabet)' 대상 : 외국인 (내국인도 참여 가능) participant : foreigners, local residents 이용료: 무료  fee : free