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King Sejong and Admiral Yi sunshin

세종이야기 The Sory of King Sejong
백성을 진심으로 사랑한 조선의 4대 임금 세종대왕
"Because people form a country's foundation, a country finds peace only when it has a sturdy foundation."
"The most important element in ruling a country is showing turst."
The Story of Admiral Yi sunshin
Great saint and hero, Admiral Yi sunshin
"Don't give word of my
death, this fight is too
The last words before
Admiral Yi's death during
the Noryang naval invasion.
King Sejong >

Life Story of
King Sejong

1397 (Taejo 6)
Born as the third prince of Taejong
1418 (22 years old, Taejong 18)
Coronated as tth king of joseon
1419 (23 years old, Sejong 1)
Daemado Conquest
1420 (24 years old, Sejong 2)
Installed royal research center in the palace, started to develop Gyeongjaja metal type
1429 (33 years old, Sejong 11)
Compiled and produced agricultural book, Nongasajikseol
1434 (38 years old, Sejong 16)
Produced metal type Gapinja, produced sundial Angbuilgu
1437 (41 years old, Sejong 19)
Produced astronmical observation device llseongjeongsi, colonized the six jins
1443 (47 years old, Sejong 25)
Created the Hunminjeongeum
1445 (49 years old, Sejong 27)
Compiled the historical book chiljeongsan, wrote Yongbiocheonga, improved artillery such as the cheonjapo, created the method of writing music, jeongganbo
1448 (52 years old, Sejong 30)
Produced rocket weapon Shingijeon, compiled weapons technique book Chongtongdeungrok
1450 (54 years old, Sejong 32)
Sejong died
life Story of King Sejong >

King Sejong

Yi Do
Won Jeong
King Sejong
Birth Place
Joonsubang Hanyang
(Present day:near Youngchumun, Gyeongbok Palace Tongin-dong, Seoul)
Date of birth
April 10, 1397(lunar calendar) /
Mary 15 (solar calendar)
Period on throne
August, 1418 - February, 1450
(31 years and 6 months)
Family relations
Father - King Lee Bang Won
Mother - Queen Min
Wife - Queen Shim
Studying, reading
Perfect sense of pitch
(Could listen to an instrument and point out the wrong pitch at once
Learned martial arts and a type of polo
and military traning for better health
Only things necessary and uesful to the people
Communication with the people
Major accomplishments
Creating the Hunminjeongeunm scientific, musical and technological developments and expansion of land.
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Admiral Yi sunshin >

Life Story of
Yi sunshin

1545 (1 year old)
Born in Geoncheon-dong (present day: Inhyeondong, Seoul) Hanyang on March 83
1566 (22 years old)
Started to learn martial arts
1572 (28 years old)
Took the military service examination in August but failed
1576 (32 years old)
Passed the military service examination after 10 years of martial arts training Appointed as a military official(type 9 rank) in Dongubibo Hamgyeongdo in December Became first class general of the army and started first official post guarding the border at the very frontline
1580 (36 years old)
Appointed as naval force official (type 4 rank) in Balpojin Jwasuyoung Jeolla in July First fateful event with the naval forces
1587 (43 years old)
Doubly served as military farm officer in Nokdundo Hamgyeongdo in August Won against the attack of Yeojin soldiers, but was dismissed because of northern soldier reports and served in war as a commoner
1592 (48 years old)
Defeated 59 enemy ships at the sea war in Hansando(Hansan victory) and won the war Joseon was losing
1593 (49 years old)
Appointed as Samdo naval forces controller
1597 (53 years old)
Fought against around 130 Japanese forces at the Myeongryang sea battle and won
1598 (54 years old)
Fought against the Japanese naval forces in Noryang in the southern sea, defeated around 200 ships and was shot and died during battle
Life Story of Admiral
Yi sunshin

Yi sunshin

Birth place
Geoncheon-dong Seoul (present day: near Inhyeon-dong Jung-gu)
Date of birth
March 8, 1545 (lunar calendar), April 28
(solar calendar) – November 19, 1598
Serious and righteous
Keeping diary
Archery, martial arts, horse riding
Major accomplishments
Guarded the country during Japanese invasion/devised the Turtle Ship of the naval forces of Joseon